Equipment Spotlight: Trench Shoring Products

Trench shoring products by Efficiency Production, Pro-Tec Equipment, GME, ICON Equipment and Kundel.

Efficiency Production
Efficiency Production unveils its latest accessory to its Build-A-Box modular trench shielding system. The new Build-A-Box Sheeting Guide Frame utilizes lightweight corrugated sheets of aluminum to shore closely around existing cross-trench utilities. The sheets can be installed by hand, and the guide frame panel integrates seamlessly into any Build-A-Box configured system. The result is a safe, maintained trench or pit that allows workers to access existing utilities. 800.552.8800,

Pro-Tec Equipment

The Pro-Tec Equipment Standard High Clearance Arch is designed to allow enough clearance for large diameter pipe vaults, boring pits and other applications. It provides 10 feet of vertical clearance when used on a 10-feet tall trench shield and 8 feet of vertical clearance when used on an 8-feet tall trench shield. Full range of bolt-on extensions provide up to 20 feet of internal width. All shields are Professional Engineered certified to meet or exceed OSHA requirements. 800.292.1225,


GME developed the 6-inch Series trench shield for the cost conscious contractor who is hunting for that special mix between better-than-average depth capacity and moderate costs. Many contractors frequently work in depths that the smaller shields cannot handle. GME recognized this problem and designed the 6-inch wall shield to meet this special need. Key features include: full length hardwood inserts in top horizontal tube and front vertical tube; fully gusseted steel knife edge; high tensile steel throughout; honey-comb inner structure; clear-view front and rear spreaders; and a 4-point lifting system.
All GME trench shields are certified by a Professional Engineer to meet OSHA Standards 800. 248.2054,

ICON Equipment
ICON Equipment’s Modular Aluminum Trench Shields are designed for the underground contractor and municipality. A great cost saving alternative to cumbersome and heavy steel trench boxes. Ideal applications are for small pipe work, emergency maintenance, taps and repairs. The lightweight, compact ICON-O-LITE system is easily transported in the back of a pickup truck and handled by a rubber tire backhoe. All components are OSHA compliant to ensure a safe working environment. 800.836.5011,


The Titan Series is the first innovative design offering 14 free features that has on the job benefits including the famous shelving that gives a staging area for pipe dope and the laser target. Also the shelving gives the end user a place to build scaffolding for building structures in the trench. Built-in features enhance trench safety and the production process, which protects your investment of people, equipment and profit. 330.259.9009,

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