Equipment Spotlight: Rock Tools

Rock Tools by Railhead Underground Products, Ditch Witch, Doosan, Kenco, Bor-It Mfg., Vermeer, INROCK, Melfred Borzall, Ballantine, Barbco, Sharewell HDD Services, Radius HDD, Caterpillar and HammerHead Trenchless.

Railhead Underground Products
The EXTReam reamers are now available in five sizes from 6 inches to 16 inches in diameter with connections for virtually every drill. The field replaceable teeth allow the user to stay on the job saving down time. The EXTReam reamer comes with a complete set of jets and plugs so the reamer may be configured to the varying ground conditions encountered throughout a project. The newly designed 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch EXTReam Reamers are built with an API pin and box with a removable pulling eye at the back of the reamer. This allows the user to quickly hook up many configurations including pulling reamers in tandem or use the EXTReam reamer as a stabilizer for subsequent reamer passes. 888.313.7455,

Ditch Witch

The Ditch Witch Rockmaster bits provide long-lasting performance, leading to greater productivity and efficiency on any directional drilling job. Engineered to fit Ditch Witch All Terrain rock drills and Vermeer rock drills, the Rockmaster bits feature patented carbide disc shirttail protection, and proven premium bearing technology to increase ROI and provide superior performance and extend life in hard rock conditions. 800.654.6481,


Doosan DXB260H breaker allows operators to match breaker frequency to ground conditions. The DXB260H breaker features two-speed control of breaker frequency for improved efficiency in demanding demotion and rock-breaking applications. Delivering up to 600 blows per minute, the 5,400-pound DXB260H is designed for use with excavators in the 27- to-37-metric-ton weight range, specifically the Doosan DX300LC and DX350LC crawler excavators. Rated in the 8,000 foot-pound impact energy class, the DXB260H requires a hydraulic flow rate of between 39.5 and 63.5 gallons per minute.


The Kenco Rock Lift features three points of contact to safely grab and move irregular shaped objects. The unique design allows for a wide range of size capability. Kenco’s patented actuator allows for hands-free operation in lifting, moving and placing of irregular shaped objects such as rock. No hydraulics are necessary. The weight of the load provides the gripping power. The Rock Lift is available in capacities of 3,000, 6,000 and 12,000 pounds. 800.653.6069,

The Armor Drilling System from Vermeer is available for horizontal directional drills (HDD) ranging from 9,000 pounds to 100,000 pounds of thrust/pullback. The system features multiple bits, each specially configured to battle a range of ground conditions. An innovative and patent-pending advanced bit mounting design utilizes a solid pin for bit retention and for ease in bit interchangeability and maintenance. The housing is constructed with dual water ports that deliver up to 70 gpm at 800 psi of mud flow to effectively carry cuttings out of the bore hole. It’s designed to be used with the Vermeer Navigator HDD models from the D9x13 S3 to the D100x140 machines, and is compatible with comparable Ditch Witch HDD machines. 888.837.6337,

Bor-It Mfg.
Heavy-Duty Rock Heads utilize a “V” shape to provide self-centering action which helps maintain line and grade. Featuring easily replaceable carbide tipped “bullet” style teeth, these heavy duty heads are ideal for boring through solid rock of medium hard formations. Head diameters range from 4 inches up to 72 inches and have a 1 1/8- to 5-inch Hex drive. 800.289.6639,

INROCK’s patented XTR-S Extreme Reamer featuring a field interchangeable cutter design allows drillers to easily change cutters, both tungsten carbide insert (TCI) and milled tooth (MT) on the job site, in minutes, without any welding. XTR-S removes all costs associated with old, welded design split bit reamers, such as freight to a weld repair facility, weld repair time and cost or new body costs with each split bit reamer purchase and the need to actually have two reamers of the same type to avoid costly downtime. 713.690.5600,

Melfred Borzall

The redesigned Eagle Claw bit is made for hard, rocky soil conditions. The hardened steel carbide cutter teeth on the front of the bit are designed to cut through the hardest soils and interchangeable cutter teeth accommodate a wide variety of job conditions. Carbide buttons on the leading edge of the bit, as well as the bit body, minimize wear. Easy to steer during directional pushes and a beveled, carbide protected back-end make tripping-out easier. The smooth running Eagle Claw cuts down vibration to the drill-stem and drill rig. Available in several cut sizes for rigs from 7,000 to 150,000 pounds. 800.833.1252,

Ballantine’s replacement Rock Wheel Segments for Ditch Witch and Vermeer are made to order and come in dig widths of up to a 12-inch cut “V” pattern. Made from the highest quality 4140 abrasion resistant alloy steel, these segments have exceptional wear in even the harshest environments like Asphalt and Concrete. Ballantine requires an old segment to ensure the correct bolt pattern and a three week lead time is needed to create your custom segment. 800.328.2424,


Barbco’s Combo Head with Rock Piercing Dirt Cutters design does a great job on dirt and can also chew its way through many different rock formations. Barboc uses a 1 ½-inch thick A36 steel plate and reinforces it with a second piece making it a total of 3-inches thick. This extra reinforcement provides integrity and sustainability to the cutting head. These heads are made with two banks of replaceable rock piercing dirt cutters and lead bits. The over cutters and hex drive are also replaceable. Optional head leads are available and all of Barbco’s heads can be sold with extra banks. 800.448.8934,

Sharewell HDD Services
The 5-cutter Jumbo Lo-Torque Hole Opener product – the LTX24x5 – reduces impact loading on the cutters, which increases the product’s working life. It also reduces the torque cycle while reaming, creating a very smooth running hole opener. The body is bi-directional and can be either pull or push reamed. Ideal for pipeline projects, the Jumbo cutters offer large, sealed bearings for extended runs. It is available in Mill Tooth style, IADC type 5 T.C.I. and IADC type 8 T.C.I. A minimum pilot hole of 26 inches can be made using the LTX24x5, and hole sizes ranges are 36, 38, 40 and 42 inches. 281.288.2560,

Radius HDD
Single Roller Cone Bits deliver enhanced steering, while a carbide-covered steering plate and additional carbide on the face delivers better grinding capabilities for your solid rock jobs. The 3000 Series Single Roller Cone Bit has a thread connection 2-inch IF pin and cutting size is 5 inches. 800.892.9114,


Cat E Series Hammers feature a rugged design for extended durability and solid reliability. Features such as automatic shut-off, silencing and vibration buffering make them easy on the operator. The E Series Hammers are designed to be field serviceable with common hand tools to keep them operating at peak performance. The H180Es is the largest in the line and is designed for large excavators.

HammerHead Trenchless

The HammerHead ROUGHNECK R600, the largest of its pneumatic percussion drilling systems for use in horizontal directional drilling applications. Designed for drilling solid rock with bit diameters of 7.25 to 8 inches, the R600 gives HDD contractors the ability to complete larger diameter bores in fewer passes as well as access to a wider range of single-pass boring applications. 800.331.6653,

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