CIPP in jail

CIPP In Jail

November 2015 Vol. 70 No. 11

CIPP Keeps Maricopa County Within Budget, Without Disruption Estrella Women’s Jail in Maricopa County, AZ, can anticipate at least 50 years of improved flow with no more backups from its rehabilitated sewer system. The emergency cured-in-place-pipe…

Faced with aging infrastructure, similar to the city of Monroe, Consolidated Mutual Water began a rehab and replacement bursting plan

Developing A Bursting Plan

November 2015 Vol. 70 No. 11

Advice From Another Successful Pipe Bursting Program Leads To Water Main Replacement Project The city of Monroe, NC, is located approximately 25 miles southeast of the state’s largest city, Charlotte. Currently, the city of 34,000 people has…

HammerHead pneumatic pipe-bursting systems

Trenchless Pipe Replacement

October 2015 Vol. 70 No. 10

HammerHead Trenchless Equipment HammerHead pneumatic pipe-bursting systems are being used by underground contractors around the world as an effective method to replace failing, outdated or under sized sewer, water and gas lines. Pipe bursting follows…

Rehab Technology News

Rehab Technology News

October 2015 Vol. 70 No. 10

Reline America welcomes new installer, Whitaker Construction Reline America has announced the addition of Whitaker Construction to its team of authorized installers. Whitaker Construction, founded in 1953, has been in the underground utility construction industry…

Flowtite Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe (FRP)

Rehab Technology New Products

September 2015 Vol. 70 No. 9

Flowtite Stops Pipe Joint Leaks Flowtite Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe (FRP) takes full advantage of the specific characteristics of basic raw materials to create strong, corrosion-proof pipe and pipe components. Flowtite is lightweight, long-lasting and extremely…