City to keep eye on sewer system with monitoring technology

New sewer monitoring technology will allow Chico, CA, to keep a better eye on its sewer system and better plan ahead, according to interim Assistant City Manager Dennis Beardsley.

The city of Chico installed nine flow meters at strategic locations throughout the city’s sanitary sewer system. The meters will monitor the amount of water going through the sewer system, without having to pay someone to monitor the sewers during winter rainstorms.

The purpose of the meters is to monitor flows during regular peak use and trace groundwater infiltration during storms. That way the city can know if rainwater gets into the sewer system. The intent is to keep rainwater out because it creates more volume at the water treatment plant.

The monitors are powered by solar panels and send data using cellular telephone technology. They will be installed by Utility Systems Science and Software Inc. of San Diego.

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