Michels Helps Restore Power After Hurricanes

Michels’ crews worked 16 hours a day, seven days a week to help restore power to several million people still without power in Louisiana and Texas following Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

On Labor Day, 78 crewmembers from various Michels’ jobs throughout the Midwest headed to Louisiana to help restore power. Less than two weeks later, Hurricane Ike hit and Michels sent 30 additional crew from Washington and California jobs to Texas and Kentucky.

“The devastation and conditions are indescribable,” said Michels Power Superintendent, Eric Hoffman. “Businesses are obviously out of power, which means food and water can’t be found just around the corner, and there are people who don’t have transportation to get to the nearest FEMA location for help. Our crews gave away their ice, water and boxed lunches to people who hadn’t had power for more than two weeks.”

Michels was part of a restoration team trying to return power to all customers as fast as possible, but the work they completed was only a temporary solution. Power contractors could spend up to eight months swapping the temporary connections for permanent ones.

Michels Corporation is a utility contractor offering construction, engineering and procuring services to keep pace with the growing demand in the energy, transportation, telecommunications and utility construction industries.

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