Amco Maxx-Trak MT800

For fast and efficient cable or conduit installation, the Maxx-Trak MT800 cable/conduit pusher requires fewer placement steps, eliminating the need for a pull line and reducing installation costs.

The Maxx-Trak is a powerful hydraulic tractor assembly that is designed to push URD power cables into HDPE or PVC conduit, and push assist Dura-Line FuturePath conduit in difficult placement situations. The Maxx-Trak system can be used either freestanding, or mounted on a trailer platform or utility vehicle. Set up can be at a single location for multiple pushes. ARNCO offers a variety of trailer platforms to accept the Maxx-Trak for maximum cable placing ease. Strong, lightweight and low maintenance, the Maxx-Trak delivers up to 800 pounds of push force at speeds of up to 200 feet per minute. An optional Maxx/Air kit can be added to air-assist the placement of primary URD cables, allowing them to be routinely pushed in excess of 1,000 feet. 800.321.7914,

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