Astec Maxi-Sneaker Series D

The Astec Maxi-Sneaker Series D delivers 37 hp with a Deutz three-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine.

The powerplant in 300 pounds heavier than the Series C engine, which means additional traction while trenching and plowing. Hydraulic power steering allows unit to articulate a full 28 degrees to the left or right of center for minimum inside turning radius of 72 inches. A 10 degree frame oscillation provides wheel-to-ground contact when plowing over rough terrain or when crossing open trench lines. The Maxi has a low profile and side mounted operator seat allowing it to sneak into a yard through gates and sneak out again with a minimal footprint. A variety of feed blades are available to match cable installation requirements, thereby eliminating cable damage. 865.458.8575,

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