Michels Celebrates 50 Years

Members of the Michels family and their employees at Michels Pipeline Construction are celebrating 50 years in the construction business.

“This is a very exciting time for Michels,” says President Pat Michels “I think my father would have been very proud of how his vision has grown. When all this began, it was mainly a pipeline company, and now we are proficient in so many different areas including wind energy, directional drilling and power, just to name a few.”

Michels Pipeline Construction was founded in 1959 by Dale Michels, Ted Koenigs and Jim Michel. One year later, the company was incorporated. Then in 2001, the company was renamed Michels Corporation.

During the past 50 years, Michels has grown to be one of the top contractors both nationally and internationally and has become an industry leader, ranking 64th among the top 400 contractors.

Celebrations will officially kick off in January 2009 at the company’s annual Leadership Conference in Madison, WI.

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