A New Chicago Icon: The Chicago Spire

When completed in late 2011, the Chicago Spire will bring a striking new skyscraper to the center of the skyline of Chicago, a city renowned for impressive architecture of many different periods and styles.

Situated on a 2.2 acre site where the Chicago River meets Lake Michigan, the Chicago Spire features a design with each floor rotating an average of 2.44 degrees from the one below with total rotation of 360 degrees to the top. The result, says skyscaperpage.com “. . . is a graceful spiral not unlike shells in the natural world. In addition, the character of the building’s spiraled shape allows for better disbursement of applied wind forces which is an obvious advantage for any tall structure.”

Spire developer, the Shelbourne Development Group, says the structure has a base to height ratio approaching one to ten, making it the most slender super tall building in the world. The building and site plan designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava incorporates DuSable Park and will create a new lakefront destination for Chicago residents and visitors to enjoy.

There will be approximately 1,200 condominiums in the Chicago Spire with seven unique units, including galleries, suites, penthouses offering homes for individuals, couples and families with views of the city and lake.

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