Global Pipeline Partners Complete Two Wisconsin Pipelines

Global Pipeline Partners LLC, (GPP) recently completed two pipelines running through Wisconsin which comprise the single largest pipeline construction project ever done in the state under one contract.

The project was an integrated joint venture of four contracting companies comprising GPP under an alliance agreement between GPP and Canadian energy company Enbridge Energy Partners. GPP is comprised of Michels Corporation, Welded Construction, Precision Pipeline and U.S. Pipeline.

The project consisted of 321 miles of 42 inch diameter pipe comprising the bulk of the Wisconsin segment of Enbridge’s Southern Access Program and 321 miles of 20 inch pipe for Enbridge’s Southern Lights Project. The route of the pipeline expansion is near two pipelines already in place and in service.

Wayne Dwyer, GPP project director, said that the four contractors enabled GPP to supply the manpower and equipment resources to substantially complete the 642 miles of pipeline installation in close to one calendar year. The contractors utilized trenchless methods for installing the pipelines at over 300 locations during this first phase of construction.

Winter, summer construction

Construction began in January 2007. Winter construction focused on selected environmentally challenging wet areas where driving frost helped facilitate installation in areas that are saturated for nine months of the year. Once summer construction commenced, work simultaneously was performed along the entire 321 mile pipeline route.

Dwyer said the pipeline expansion will allow Enbridge to pump 400,000 more barrels of crude oil per day from Superior to Delavan through the 42 inch pipeline. The 20 inch pipeline will have an overall capacity of a minimum 180,000 barrels per day.

The alliance agreement also provides the opportunity for the parties to expand the scope of the Enbridge GPP alliance agreement for construction of the remaining 399 miles of the Southern Lights 20 inch pipeline, an additional 160 miles of 42 inch pipeline for Phase 2 of Southern Access, and 175 miles of 36 inch pipeline for the Southern Access extension project. These and other possible project awards were subject to acceptable performance by GPP on the initial construction work, final approvals of these projects by Enbridge, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and the applicable regulatory bodies.

Among other energy related operations, Enbridge and its subsidiaries are one of the world’s longest crude oil and liquids pipeline system in the U.S. and Canada


Michels Corporation is a diversified utility, engineering, design and construction contractor with critical expertise in linking systems for energy, communications, transportation and distribution.

Welded Construction is a mainline pipeline contractor that has installed more than 40,000 miles of pipeline since 1988 with the capability of installing pipe to diameters of 48 inches.

Precision Pipeline is a mainline pipeline contractor experienced in completing projects including cross country pipelines, looping, laterals and rehabilitation.

U.S. Pipeline provides turnkey engineering, pipeline construction and consulting services for domestic and international projects with diversified routes through congested areas, rural farmlands, forests, swamps, wetlands, deserts and mountain.

Michels Corporation, (920) 583-3132,
Welded Construction, L.P., (419 874-3548,
Precision Pipeline LLC, (715) 874-4510,
U.S. Pipeline Inc., (281) 531-6100,

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