Mears’ Workforce Training Capabilities Expanded

The Mears Training and Research Facility is adding training for personnel operating horizontal directional drilling (HDD) equipment and a program to certify HDD equipment following maintenance.

The HDD training program for Mears employees will cover all aspects of operation of the equipment they will be using, from rig up to rig down, including operation of drilling fluid systems, said Kevin Parker, Mears director of safety training environment compliance.

An area of the facility is being set aside to operate HDD drill rigs to their maximum capabilities after maintenance is complete to certify they can meet requirements on the job.
“A customer wants to know that when a rig arrives on site, there are not going to be any problems – they want to know everything has been tested and certified before it is used,” said Parker. “At this facility, drill rigs can be tested prior to leaving to make sure they will meet the customer’s expectations.”

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