Three Plastic Pipe Associations

One of the issues raised following the retraction of the Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI) press release regarding alleged problems with fused PVC pipe is the role of PPI in the plastic pipe industry.

PPI positions itself as representing all of the industry. In its response to the PPI press release, Underground Solutions Inc. (UGSI) claimed PPI devotes its efforts to promoting HDPE pipe products.

There are three primary trade associations that represent the plastic pipe industry or segments of it: Uni Bell PVC Pipe Association www.uni; Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association,; PPI,

A visit to their web sites explains how each defines its reason for being: Uni Bell’s mission is to provide “. . . access to safe, sustainable water and wastewater sanitation through the responsible and resource efficient use of PVC pipes and fittings.”

PPFA describes itself as: “The best source of information for users of plastic piping systems.”

On PPI’s home page, the association is described as “. . . your information resource for all things related to polyethylene pipe.”

Accessing links on each web site provides detailed information about the association’s activities and other information.

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