New Jetting, Lubrication Pump For Akkerman GBM System

Akkerman Inc. has released a new combination Jetting and Lubrication Pump for its Guided Boring Machine (GBM) system.

The new Jetting and Lubrication Pump arrangement allows customers to maintain optimum production rates in variable soil conditions in one compact, easily-transported unit.

The Jetting and Lubrication pump features independent hydrostatic flow controls for user control in a variety of soil conditions during each step in the 3-step GBM process. Customers have their choice of a 3,000 rpm, 30-hp diesel engine or the equivalent AC electric power source. The large 325 gallon tanks provide appropriate production capacity to meet Powered Cutter Head (PCH) and Cutter Head with Integral Swivel requirements. The tanks can be easily serviced at the open/close valve on the tank outlet. Highly transportable, contractors will find the Jetting and Lubrication Pump platform easy to move on-site and travels well on a flat bed trailer.

The 2,500 psi high pressure Jetting Pump aids the GBM cutting process by lubricating cutter bits and spoils during excavation. An in-line suction filter protects the pump from contaminants in the water.

The 250 psi Lubrication Pump assists with lubricating pilot tubes, casing and augers and product pipe by reducing friction and easing the jacking process. An in-tank agitator mixes the lubrication quickly and keeps it consistent throughout the production process.

The Jetting and Lubrication Pump is essential for use with the Akkerman PCH and the Cutter Head with Integral Swivel upsizing tool. 800.533.0386,

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