Grouting Technology and Equipment: Prime Resins

Grouts are used to fill voids and create sub-grade grout barriers in earthen dams, coastal seawalls, underground vaults and tunnel boring operations.

A major advantage of chemical grouting is the ability to strengthen existing soils without the need for excavation or disruption of facility operations. As the popularity of trenchless technology continues to grow, engineers and contractors are finding that they can use chemical grout to solve a multitude of problems caused by poor soil or excessive water conditions. Prime-Flex polyurethane grouts are ideal for manhole rehab and soil probe grouting. Prime-Flex Hydro Gel SX is a moisture-curing, hydrophilic polyurethane resin designed to stop leaks in below-grade structures. It reacts with water to form either a watertight foam or impermeable gel depending on the water to Hydro Gel SX mix ratio. This product is ideal for stopping leaks in manholes, sewer pipes and utility vaults. 800.321.7212,

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