GapVax WetVac

The WetVac is an industrial vacuum loader blasted, primed, and painted with PPG fleet urethane paint (wet on wet) and has a heresite epoxy phenolic coating inside.

GapVax’s design allows for no head pressure loading and vent port enables quick off-loading. GapVax and Hubler Bros. are working together on this new unit. Features include: 4,200 gallon body; grade 50 material; larger than average 25-inch manway on top and also on the bottom rear; primary and secondary shutoffs; equipped with full-length rubber longsils; galvanized or stainless tube trays; optional catwalk on top; and optional Vac kits (mounted or shipped loose). Available in 60, 80, or 100 barrel. 888.442.7829,

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