Hitachi releases ZX120-3 utility-class excavator

The new Hitachi ZX120-3 utility-class excavator can be towed behind a dump truck and is available with rubber crawler pads and a backfill blade.

The 28,498-pound ZX120-3 boasts a 93-hp Isuzu engine and patented HIOS III hydraulic system. It can generate 24,720 pounds of drawbar pull and 25,077 foot pounds of swing torque, wield 12,823-pounds breakout force, and lift a maximum of 11,443 pounds over the front at a distance of 15 feet (blade on ground). The excavator operates in three power modes, two travel modes, and one work mode. The ZX120-3 features a large, comfortable cab. It has plenty of legroom, a comfortable suspension seat that can slide together with or independent of the control console, air conditioning, and lots of glass (including a tinted overhead hatch) for excellent visibility. The ZX120-3 is available with either 8-foot 3-inch or 9-foot 11-inch arm. Track choices include 20-inch rubber crawler pad or 24-inch or 28-inch triple semi-grouser steel shoes. A backfill blade is available, with the blade width varying according to the selected shoe size. A control pattern-change valve, single-pedal propel control, an air-suspension heated seat, and high-pressure, high-flow auxiliary hydraulic package are also available. 800.675.8459,

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