IMI Manhole PowerArm eases manhole handling

Significantly reduce back strain and increase employee safety when lifting and replacing manhole covers with Industrial Magnetics’ new vehicle mounted Manhole PowerArm.

Just drive within three feet of the center of the manhole cover and the PowerArm adjusts to your location with a 3 feet, 180 degree swing radius and a double-jointed elbow that allows the positioning of the magnet in the center of the manhole cover. Once the magnet is centered and turned to the “lock-on” position, use the electric or manual winch control to lift the manhole cover from the rim and away from the opening. The PowerArm fits into a standard 2-inch square receiver trailer hitch and folds to the bumper for easy transportation and fast setup. With welded, tubular steel construction and a 400-pound lifting capacity, the PowerArm is tough and built to last. 888.582.0822,

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