GTI awarded contracts for industrial projects

Gas Technology Institute (GTI) has recently received notification of awards totaling nearly $7.7 million for six new projects aimed at improving industrial energy efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

The awards represent collaborative efforts of federal, state and private organizations – including natural gas distribution companies – to bring benefit to businesses and consumers alike.

The six projects are:

  • Transport Membrane Condenser for Water and Energy Recovery from Power Plant Flue Gas
  • Research, Development and Field Testing of Thermochemical Recuperation for High Temperature Furnaces
  • Advanced Engine Power Systems Using Renewable Gaseous Fuels
  • Advanced CHP System for High-Temperature Industrial Processes
  • Low-Temperature Industrial Energy and Water Recovery
  • Heat Recovery from Corrosive High-Temperature Industrial Processes

For more information about each of these projects, visit the GTI website at

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