Backhoe Loaders: Case 580 Super M+

The 580 Super M+ provides optimum performance and operator comfort in rough operating conditions or when high flotation is required.

This 90-hp machine features a large capacity 93-inch loader bucket and has a loader capacity of 6,182 pounds. The 580 Super M+ is wider, with more stability and greater flotation than the other models in the M Series 2. On hilly terrain and on rough ground, the wide stabilizers make it easier for the operator to level the machine. The 580 Super M+ features large 12.5 x 18 front tires and 21L x 24 rear tires for better flotation. It also has limited slip front differential for greater traction, making it ideal for working in uneven and soft ground conditions. The longer stabilizers, with over 11-foot wide stance, provides more stability and increased lift capacity over the side. The 580 Super M+ comes equipped with a standard 42-gallon fuel tank, so the machine can run longer without refueling. And a larger cab and canopy provides increased leg room and turnaround space. (262) 636-0447,

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