Super Products President/CEO Retires; Successor Named

The president and CEO of Super Products, Jim Wurster, retired from the company effective Dec. 31, 2008, and Mike Vanden Heuvel has assumed the role.

Wurster began his career at Super Products in 1976 when he joined the company as a project engineer. He was responsible for developing the company’s first Camel sewer and catch basin cleaner. Wurster served as chief engineer before becoming president and CEO in 1984. Over the next three decades, he led the company in becoming a major producer of industrial vacuum loaders, sewer and catch basin cleaners, and hydro excavators.

Prior to taking over as president and CEO the first of this year, Vanden Heuvel had served as vice president of industrial sales since joining Super Products in the fall of 2007. Previously, he was a vice president and general manger for Miller Electric, the world’s largest manufacturer of arc welding and cutting equipment. 800.837.9711,

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