Mini Excavators: Bobcat 418

The Bobcat 418 excavator has an operating weight of 2,593 pounds and a dig depth of 6 feet.

The 418 excavator with zero tail swing with extended tracks eliminates tail overhang allowing the operator to optimize spoil placement and minimize machine contact with property or other nearby objects.

The operator can choose between ISO and standard pattern joystick operation through a control pattern selector valve. The operator can position the joystick control console in an outward position for greater comfort and lock the console in an inboard position for easier transport of the excavator through gates and doorways.

The undercarriage of the excavator retracts to less than 28 inches. The Tip-Over Protective Structure folds down so that the excavator can travel through a standard-size doorway and work in interior jobsites. The TOPS should be redeployed after transport and before working with the excavator.

Two travel speeds are available to operators of the 418 excavator with a range of 1.3 to 2.1 miles per hour. 866.823.7898,

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