New Wheel Loaders from Volvo

The new Volvo L45F and Volvo L50F wheel loaders feature the patented Torque Parallel (TP) loader linkage, separate working hydraulic pumps for maximum power, 100 percent axle differential locks, the Volvo Care Cab and long service intervals. The Torque Parallel linkage gives both the Volvo L45F and Volvo L50F smooth, parallel lift, high rollback torque and excellent lifting power throughout the lift range. The advantage of separate pumps ensures full steering power, regardless of the load on the main hydraulic pumps. Differential locks lock in both the front and rear axles, ensuring synchronized tire spin for optimal traction even in difficult conditions. The interior of each cab is designed for fatigue-resisting ergonomic comfort, ensuring that the steering wheel, steering column, standard air suspension seat, armrest and levers can all be adjusted to perfectly match each operator. Controls and front-pillar mounted switches are all within easy reach and easy view. 828.650.2000,

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