Mini Excavators: Kobelco 30SR, 35SR and 50SR

An optional angle blade available on Kobelco’s compact excavator models 30SR, 35SR and 50SR. These fuel efficient, Tier IV diesel engines and provide the maneuverability and precision needed to productively operate in tight spaces. Now the optional angle blade will further increase the speed and accuracy of backfilling and grading applications.

Along changing terrain and in situations that require material movement to both left and right of the excavator, the utilization of an angle blade can often be crucial to backfill and grade dirt while minimizing cycle time. Whereas standard straight blades can cause win rowing to the side of the blade, the option for angle blade operation permits more flexibility as the blade adjusts ± 23 degrees and allows the operator to push dirt to either side of the machine when backfilling and grading.

The new 4-way blade design offers up to 22 inches of lift height as well as exceptional vertical clearance and deep dig capability up to 17 inches. 866.726.3396,

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