Pipe and Joint Fusion Equipment: Ritmo America RAM 28

The RAM 28 is an electro-hydraulic butt fusion machine with fusion capabilities ranging from 2-inch IPS to 8-inch DIPS pipe sizes.

The machine is designed for in-field fusion of HDPE pipe and fittings and other plastic pipes. The Ram 28 is provided with the Easy-Life control system that permits the operator to program and perform all fusion procedures quickly and easily.

The program/control panel allows the operator to set the machine for heating temperature, facing pressure, heating time, soaking time, fusion pressure, fusion time and cooling time. The Easy-Life system incorporates a data-logging device, and can be connected to a PC or computer handbook to download all the fusion cycles information.

The machine body and clamping system can be removed from the 4-wheeled frame and chassis for in-ditch use; the Easy-Life program/control panel can also be removed from the chassis to allow the operator to control the fusion procedures out of the ditch.

A patented Quick-Click insert system permits fast installation and removal of the pipe inserts. No “master inserts” are needed for smaller diameter pipe inserts to be installed.

For operator safety, the machine-mounted electronic facer is equipped with a micro switch that prevents the facer from operating until it is properly placed between the pipe ends. 863.679.8655, www.ritmoamerica.com

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