American Augers 36-600 NG Horizontal Earth Boring Machine

The 36-600 NG Horizontal Earth Boring Machine from American Augers features: DEUTZ F6L914 114-hp turbo diesel engine, Spicer 5-speed constant mesh transmission, 129,158 foot/pounds of maximum rotary torque, and working range of 12 to 36 inch casing diameter. The machine also incorporates the Quik Tran fast return system, as it provides up to 10,000 pounds of push/pull at high speed, and the Quik Split design feature that allows the machine to be separated into sections for faster and easier lifts into and out of the working pit.

Operators will enjoy the increased ability to pull auger and steering rods and push product; the improved visibility to the master pusher; low centerline and wide stance that provides substantial machine stability; a hydraulically assisted clutch with a dry-power assisted actuator that is easier and more comfortable to operate; ergonomically designed operating controls that allow for improved feathering of the rotation and slow turn of the shaft for easy auger installation; updated gauge system that includes the improved engine tachometer; engine warning light; and hydraulic thrust pressure reading. 800.324.4930,

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