Downhole Directional Drilling Tools: HammerHead TriHawk I

The HammerHead TriHawk I drill bit is an aggressive horizontal directional drilling cutting tool for drilling in soft rock conditions up to 8,000 psi.

It also performs well in dry compacted soil, cobble and broken formations.

Made of high quality, heat-treated alloy steel, the TriHawk I feature replaceable carbide teeth that are angled into the cut for increased production and reduced machine vibration. The bit can be configured with multiple tooth cutting styles to adjust to different rock or soil types.

Bit design and tooth angle provide smoother cutting action that reduces machine vibration. The teeth are positioned for high production and reduced machine vibration. Multiple cutting tooth styles can be configured for different type of rock.

All key wear areas have strategically placed carbide, which assists in pulverizing the soil and allows for easier flow out of the bore hole. The boltless modular design of the square drive spline allows for interchangeable bits.

Because of the TriHawk front high torque square drive spline, tooling can be changed quickly. TriHawk bits or bit mount attachments are installed by simply removing roll pins, sliding off one style of bit, sliding on another and reinstalling the roll pins. Indexing the steer plane to the transmitter is automatic when installing the bit. 800.331.6653,

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