Mr. Manhole Cutter/Extractor

The Mr. Manhole Cutter/Extractor is a tool the cuts a circular groove around a manhole frame and removes the frame and road over cut in one five- to 10-minute operation.

The cutter can cut diameters from 42-72 inches by adjusting the position of the cutting arms. The unit ships with a speedplate which centers the cutter’s shaft and keeps the unit cutting a true circle. The speedplate also allows the extractor to pull the frame and over cut from the road after cutting.

The center shaft, hardware, speedplate and tooth replacement jig are gold anodized for long life. The unit has dry cut carbide teeth which can be replaced easily. The unit typically produces 100-200 cuts per set of teeth. The unit ships with a debris containment system which stops material from spraying out while cutting. The unit also ships with a convenient stand for transport and storage. 419.229.3015,

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