Mud Mixing: Vermeer MX240

The MX240 Modular Drilling Fluid Mixing System is designed to provide fast, efficient high-volume mixing of drilling fluid for larger-diameter and long-distance HDD applications.

The system features either a 25-hp Kohler gas or 22-hp Hatz diesel engine and can support either a 750 gallon or a 1,000 gallon mining tank. The tanks each feature four in-line eductor nozzles.

A modular design provides flexibility for a variety of different mounting configurations to meet specific customer needs. Primary components consist of a power pack equipped with a gas or diesel engine, a Monarch 20 MGK-GS 3-inch centrifugal pump and venturi mixing hopper. The molded tank and power pack attach directly to the mixing tank support frame for convenient mounting and its modular design gives it the flexibility to mount on either end of the tank. 641.628.3141,

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