Mud Mixing: SiteTec

SiteTec Mix units range from 70 ltr/min to 2,500 ltr/min for both sales and rental.

The units are self-contained high shear venturi mixing system with a UV stabilized PE mixing tank or steel tank with an access opening. The hard iron centrifugal mixing pump (with mechanical shaft seal) is driven by an electric start diesel engine or an electric motor(s). The hopper is equipped with a butterfly valve for regulation of the powder flow to the venturi.

Mixing time for a full tank is 60 seconds; viscosity drilling fluid takes approximately 6 minutes. Agitation of the drilling fluid in the tank is done by means of several jets and/or submersible agitators. The units are designed for constant drilling fluid mixing and all mix units have a drilling fluid discharge connection to the drilling high pressure pump.

The water intake is equipped with a water filter and a connection for the cleaning hose or an optional pressure cleaner with or without storage tank. An intake connection for recycled drilling fluid is included. On the bigger units there is an option for a crane to handle big bags.

CE certificate of conformity is included, as well as a maintenance manual. Units can be coated in company colors. +31 343 595 400,

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