Mud Mixing: Kem-Tron Buyers’ Guide

In order to educate the buyer on what factors to consider when purchasing a mud system Kem-Tron has created the Buyers’ Guide to Mud Recycling & Mixing Systems.

This guide covers topics ranging from drilling fluid basics to defining the capabilities of a recycling system to trouble shooting a system. The Buyers’ Guide also includes a special section on the Economics and Benefits of Mud Recycling. Based on a case study done in Nashville, TN, this section clearly identifies the major cost factors that mud recycling impacts in any trenchless application using drilling fluids.

From bentonite, water and disposal costs to the indirect costs of wear and maintenance of equipment, this study shows that mud recycling has evolved from something done only on large projects and in extreme environmental conditions to a technique used to cut overall job costs on any project using drilling fluids. 888-Kem-Tron,

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