Mud Mixing: American Augers MPR-6000

The MPR-6000 has the ability to mix, pump and provide large volumes of mud downhole for use with mud motors or large reamers.

The MPR-600 is a compliment to any jobsite utilizing a large directional drill, regardless of soil type or condition.

Improvements in overall recycling and cleaning makes this unit a must have for all contractors who are working in areas where mud disposal is expensive or restrictive. The MPR-6000 is mounted on a rock-over design tri-axle suspension. The standard unit is equipped with a Caterpillar C-15 475-hp diesel engine, and a Caterpillar 60 Hz generator set.

The mud pumping system is designed with Quintiplex supercharged pump that has a maximum flow of 500 gpm. The cleaning system is engineered with two linear motion shakers that permits 300 gpm of first cut cleaning capacity, and a desilting system that features nine five-inch cones that allow up to 720 gallons/minute of total cleaning capacity.

Other features include: a 2,000 gallons screen fluid supply tank and a 4,000 gallons clean fluid/mixing tank, a 110 gallon pressurized wash down system, and a remote control operating console. 800.324.4930,

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