Sliplining: CONTECH Construction Products

A2 Liner provides economical cost savings over cured-in-place pipe – up to 50 percent depending on the installation.

Relining with A2 Liner eliminates costly bypass operations because normal flow is maintained. Sliplining with A2 Liner provides a new pipe with direct-bury strength of 46 psi stiffness. Its double-wall design provides extra stiffness for improved shape-control during installation and grouting.

With a Manning’s “n” of .009, A2 Liner Pipe restores hydraulic capacity to the sewer. Its glossy-smooth interior allows the relined pipe to carry as much or more flow than the existing host pipe, even with diameter reductions.

A2 Liner comes in 12-36 inch diameters and lengths of 10 and 20 feet. Custom lengths as short as 2.5 feet are available for installation within small insertion pits or manholes. Field installations demonstrate workers can slipline with A2 Liner at a rate in excess of 200 feet per hour. 800.338.1122,

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