GPI-RSC Tracer-Snap EFV

GPI offers a feature that clearly and easily identifies EFV installations while protecting Tracer Wires.

With the new Tracer Snap-EFV Identification System, gas companies no longer need costly, removable, secondary tagging to mark Excess Flow Valve (EFV) installations. The EVF ID system is simple yet effective and is the perfect addition to the RAD Tracer Snap.

The 6-inch length standard Tracer Snap, available in six sizes, can be marked with specially formulated black PVC ink. Two bold and easily indentified “EFV installed” imprints at either end ensures visibility above and below ground. When the Tracer Snap with the EFV marker display is installed, the new tag will remain at the meter setting, attached to the riser and protect the tracer wire while advising technicians of the EFV installation. 918.622.2227,

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