CIPP: AMerik Engineering

Saertex-Liner is a 100 percent fiberglass liner designed for gravity pipe systems.

The sizes range from 6 to 46 inches and with wall thickness from 4.0 to 15 mm. The liner is factory impregnated and manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control with long-term testing for creep modulus, strain corrosion, water absorption abrasion resistance.

The corrosion resistant material is an Owens Corning, Advantex product with at least two separate layers and off-set seams to ensure uniform ring stiffness. Internally a thin polyester veil acts like a gel-coat layer, when impregnated, to create an extremely smooth surface with high abrasion resistance.

The CIPP process includes a second steam curing step at 230 degrees that allows the resin to develop to its full strength and corrosion resistance capacity. UV-light curing provides the smallest shrink factor to virtually eliminate water migration between the liner and the existing pipe. The result is a strong and desirable 70 years expected life.

The product is produced and installed according to ASTM 2019 and design according to ASTM 1216 X1. Installation time is 4 to 5 hours. 770.924.2899,

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