Topcon Positioning System Laser Sensors

Topcon Positioning System’s (TPS) new expanded series of high-quality, affordable machine control laser sensors – the LS-B100, LS-B110, LS-B110W and the RD-100W – offer modern new designs and increased functionality.

Replacing the LS-B2 and B4 models, the new series provides the tightest accuracy and largest working range of machine control receivers in the market today. The LS-B100 series is ideal for dozers, box blades, excavators & backhoes. A key feature of the LS-B100 sensor series is each unit is easy to move from machine to machine. The 110/110W models can be an ‘Indicate’ sensor or run as an ‘Automatic’ machine control system,” when combined with a Topcon control box. The RD-100W receiver allows for in cab on-grade matching and on-grade accuracy adjustments (dead band) and 2-way communication between the receiver and the remote display. The units utilize rechargeable or alkaline batteries. 925.245.8300,

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