Track Trenchers and Rock Saws: Rivard Trenching USA

The RIV 500 TR 250 is a 28 ton machine that is ideal for trenching through extremely hard rock.

It is also perfect for soft soil and mixed conditions where the job calls for depths of up to 61 inches and a width of 10-14 inches in the laying of numerous cables, ducts or pipe. Various transferable and rotational guides ensure that the tool is correctly positioned in relation to the ground. The lateral offset mechanism with a hydraulic jack enables the tool to be moved right or left of center, up to the full width of the trench or 96 inches. This permits the machine to continuously sustain an evenly cut trench in the tightest of situations.

The tilt correction mechanism enables the wheel to be tilted up to 14 degrees on each side, permitting it to dig vertical trenches on sloping ground. The peripheral placement of the two motors powering the tool concentrates the torque and energy on the outside of the wheel, where the real force is needed to cut through rock. The suspended cab is mounted on a B5 type crawler track, enabling the machine to traverse challenging terrain. 610.909.1905,

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