TrenchSafety and Supply

“Make More Money with Construction Machine Control”, published by TrenchSafety and Supply Inc., provides equipment and services to help contractors and utilities work safer, more productively and more profitably.

The book includes job-site photos, illustrations, diagrams and charts with each of the seven chapters ending with a “Frequently Asked Questions” section, which further discuss a wide range of topics such as proper care and maintenance of the equipment, safety issues, money-saving examples and more. Topics covered include: overview of the state of the technology; discussion of how a contractor or utility can determine if machine control is appropriate for the kind of projects they work on; full range of machine control technologies from lasers, to simple “indicate” systems, to 2- and 3-dimensional automatic systems, to the latest in GPS-based systems. The book is available from for $29.95. 800.865.5801,

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