Ledcor Projects Wins Suncor Safety Award

Ledcor Projects Inc. was the recipient of the Suncor Energy President’s Operational Excellence Awards in March. The event recognized employees and contractors who showed exceptional safety leadership, environmental excellence and commitment to health and wellness in 2008.

Throughout the evening, a recurring theme emerged: award winners had embraced the opportunity to find ways to operate more efficiently or cost-effectively and sought creative solutions to problems.
“We need to focus on operational excellence now more than ever – it’s the key to making sure we get the most out of our existing assets,” said Rick George, Suncor’s president and chief executive officer. “Our future depends on our ability to operate all facets of our business in a safe, reliable manner that also respects the environment and people.”
The program’s two top awards recognized world-class safety performance by Suncor employees and contractors. The contractor award went to Ledcor Projects Inc., which elevated their commitment to safety at Suncor’s oil sands facility by developing a comprehensive training and orientation program for new workers. The employee award went to Suncor’s Oil Sands Extraction group, which further improved its safety performance by engaging and involving employees and increasing their commitment to safety.

This year’s 29 award recipients were chosen by a panel of Suncor judges from a field of almost 130 nominees. Suncor launched the annual President’s Operational Excellence Awards in 2002 as part of a company-wide initiative to eliminate occupational illness and injuries. The awards program was later expanded to include recognition for environmental excellence and health and wellness commitment. 780.395.4016, www.ledcor.com, www.suncor.com

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