Powered Duct Rod Pusher Reduces Damage To Existing Cable

The Powered Duct Rod Pusher offers a mechanized method for working with General Machine Products Company’s 1/2 inch duct rods.

It provides an alternative to expensive rodding trucks, which can cause damage to existing cable due to their immense power. The Powered Duct Rod Pusher is hydraulically powered, providing precise control, and can push and pull forces up to 300 pounds; all the while moving at speeds of up to 130 feet per minute.

GMP’s Powered Duct Rod Pusher comes with a gasoline-driven power pack, hoses and is mounted on a lightweight, corrosion-resistant steel frame. The unit can be removed from the frame for mounting on trucks or trailers; and the rugged frame can be tilted at a 30-degree angle to the manhole to ease the initial bending of the rod. The Powered Duct Rod Pusher also features a Duct Clamp on the machine and a Duct Mounting Clamp Assembly on the cassette. These two items help stabilize the Powered Duct Rod Pusher and rod cassette during use. The pusher is also equipped with an electronic monitoring system that measures both distance (in feet and meters) and speed. The combined weight of the Pusher and frame is 204 pounds and the power pack weighs 167 pounds.

After a job is complete, the Powered Duct Rod Pusher retrieves the rod using its bi-directional drive track. As the rod is retrieved, a wiping window located at the front end of the machine allows the rod to be cleaned prior to storing back on the cassette. A package of rod wiper pads is provided. GMP’s ½-inch duct rods are available in lengths of 200-1,200 feet and are sold separately. 215.357.5500, www.GMPtools.com

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