Ditch Witch Thread Head

The new Thread Head beacon housing was created with the punishing downhole conditions of HDD in mind.

Beacons, used to monitor the progress of the bore (via signals transmitted to an electronic guidance tool), are positioned at the front of the drill string in a steel housing behind the drilling head.

The Thread Head beacon housing is compatible with the Ditch Witch Talon Bit, a four-bit drilling head that can cut a smoother, rounder hole than a standard three-bit head can. With the Talon, a smaller, more precise hole and less drilling fluid is required because there are fewer cuttings to remove, reducing cleanup. Also, because the Talon can cut a smaller hole, bore-outs can be finished faster, reducing stress on the machine and electronics.

Because the drill heads on the Thread Head beacon housing can be threaded in, as opposed to bolted on, they are interchangeable and easier to adapt to different soil conditions.

Other features include a straight-thread pattern provides solid connection and a recessed lid that is designed to minimize the possibility of breaking off during drilling. To protect the electronics, the housing has a check valve between the drilling bit and the housing that prevents backflow of mud and sand into the housing. If the housing overheats, the patented “Beacon Buddy” melts and flows around the beacon to protect it from overheating. 800-654-6481, www.ditchwitch.com

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