Heath Consultants V!SA Confined Space Monitor

The V!SA Confined Space Monitor requires minimal training with one-button operation.

The button is large enough to easily be used by a gloved hand and the lightweight (only 400 grams with 4 gases and pump) ergonomic design allows for normal instrument operation.

The smart sensor package allows the V!SA to be easily upgraded from one gas to another. The sensors and smart board can be supplied from the factory pre-calibrated allowing the user to simply plug in the sensor(s) for immediate use. Sensors can be positioned in any location allowing up to 5 gases to be measured at one time in any combination of toxic, oxygen and flammable gases.

The V!SA offers high visibility with its bright yellow rubber molding and 360 degree visible and audible alarm. The 95dBA at 1 meter provides an extremely loud pitch, which varies as the hazard increases. 800-HEATH-US, www.heathus.com

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