Kubota KX121-3 Super Series Compact Excavator

The KX121-3 Super Series compact excavator with optional 6-in-1 hydraulic blade offers extended tilt functions, allowing the blade to be angled 25 degrees and tilted 10 degrees for greater efficiency when leveling and backfilling.

The KX121-3 is equipped with a four-cylinder, 40.5-hp diesel engine, and features a load-sensing hydraulic system that provides optimum oil flow to each cylinder. With a choice between Kubota’s hydraulic Float Angle Blade or the new hydraulic 6-in-1 blade, leveling and backfilling work is finished quickly and easily.

Kubota added a “T” button on top of the blade’s operating lever to control the new tilt function, so the same motion that operates the angle blade will maneuver the tilt blade. The 6-in-1 blade features an offset indicator which highlights angle and tilt, so the operator can easily judge the blade position at all times.

The blade is wider at five feet, 11 inches and extends two inches past the KX121-3’s tracks on each side, increasing the blade’s capacity by eight percent. 888.458.2682, ext. 900, www.kubota.com

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