AGL EZ Dig Pro

The EZ Dig Pro is a real-time depth control system for excavators and backhoes.

The one-person system provides precise grade control for digging a fixed depth or a slope, without the expense of a person in the excavation to check depth.

Sensors mounted on the excavator are calibrated to the machine. They take into account the movement and angle of the bucket, boom and dipper stick to give continuous depth control indication on the in-cab display. There’s no need for the operator to stop digging to place the bucket and dipper stick in the same position each time for an accurate reading, thus saving money by preventing over and under cutting.

The EZ Dig Pro can be installed and calibrated by any operator in 45 minutes or less using its patent-pending software. No welding is required, as the sensors mount to the excavator with strong rare earth magnets. It can be calibrated to several machines, and retains the data as it is moved between equipment.

One of the three sensors includes a laser receiver, to eliminate resetting the elevation reference when the excavator is moved. The sensors are solar charged, and there’s wireless RF communication between the sensors and in-cab displays, eliminating external cables. An in-cab LCD control box and see-through display panel allow the operator to watch the ditch, bucket and display in the same view. 800.643.9696,

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