Gas & Water Leak Detection: ADS

ADS LLC has introduced a full line of cost-efficient, advanced water loss control products for leak detection and flow measurement.

ADS can now offer leak detection services and products with single point accountability for project execution. All ADS Water Loss Control Products are powered by technology from Primayer Ltd. and supported by the U.S. based ADS Environmental Services.

The ADS Water Loss Control Products are easy-to-operate and include the ADS Enigma for multi-point and delayed-start correlation, the Eureka Digital for challenging noise environments, Eureka2R for routine leak location, Mikron with advanced sound microphones, an electromagnetic insertion flowmeter, data logging systems and more.

The ADS Enigma is a multi-point, digital logging correlation system that determines the location of leaks in buried pipes with real-time, unattended and delayed-start options. Noise logging and noise correlation are combined into one operation. 800.633.7246,

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