Century Introduces 26-inch HDD TCI Cones

Century Products Inc. expands its arsenal of Replaceable Arm & Cone Assemblies by offering their 26-inch TCI Cones to the rock reaming world.

Put on the engineering table in early 2008, Century has designed, engineered, built and field tested the 26-inch TCI Cones. These Cones are manufactured with the largest Tungsten Carbide Inserts made to date, allowing more weight to be distributed per insert, increasing the rate of penetration. Century now offers three TCI Cone sizes – 16 inch, 22 inch and 26 inch.

The 26-inch TCI Cones were specifically designed to be used in Hole Openers 36 inches and up. There are many benefits that can be realized, utilizing this 26-inch TCI Cone. The Cone to Hole Opener Revolution Ratio is significantly reduced with the larger diameter. For example, the Revolution Ratio for a 42-inch Hole Opener with 22-inch Cones is 3.41, whereas the Revolution Ratio for a 42-inch Hole Opener with 26-inch Cones is only 2.90. This reduced Revolution Ratio increases the life of the seal and allows Century Hole Openers to remain in the hole for longer periods of time leading to a more cost-effective project.

Performance expectations of the 26-inch TCI Cones were exceeded when field tested by a major U.S. HDD drilling contractor. Utilizing these larger cones offers the HDD industry extended run times before a Hole Opener reaches its point of failure. Century Products President Todd Bielawa says, “With the largest cone and the largest carbide inserts produced to date, Century is leading the way through sound engineering and breakthrough technology.”

Century Products Inc. can accommodate your rock reaming needs with their custom-built Hole Openers ranging in size from 24 – 60 inches. 262.820.3600, www.centuryproducts.net

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