Kubota KX080-3 Super Double Boom

The KX080-3 Super Double Boom eight-ton utility class excavator adds length and functionality to the machine while allowing operators to reach further, dig deeper and level wider ranges.

The expandable boom feature lets operators continue working while repositioning the machine less, resulting in a more productive work site. The Super Double Boom is designed to bring the bucket more than three feet closer to the machine, making it easy to hold soil in front of the blade when leveling, while eliminating the small piles of rocks and rubble often left by a standard boom.

Other features include a dumping height of 20 feet plus and a digging depth of 15 feet plus. The wide leveling range with a wide tilt bucket also allows operators to easily level and finish on uneven surfaces. The Super Double Boom is designed to operate with the simple step of a pedal. Stepping on the left side of the pedal retracts the boom, and stepping on the right side of the pedal extends it. A breakout force of 14,660 pounds ensures high productivity and a tight tail swing allows maneuvering in narrow job spaces.

A four-cylinder 70-hp Kubota diesel engine and an auto idling system contribute to significant reduction in noise and fuel consumption. 888.458.2682, ext. 900, www.kubota.com

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