Hammersmith Debuts FLEXX-RIGHT

Hammersmith Mfg. introduces the FLEXX-RIGHT — a new, dynamic and patent-pending product to the pipeline and utility location and inspection, excavation and site prep industry.

The FLEXX-RIGHT is “flexxible”, safe and strong.

In a groundbreaking assembly of A36 carbon steel and HDPE, the FLEXX-RIGHT features mark resistance and impact forgiveness while targeting pipeline and utility safety — all in an innovative, bold and effective design.

The FLEXX-RIGHT has a penetrating profile, a flexible, non-marking body design, tremendous strength and service, exceptional maneuverability, and a universal coupling system. It will be available in multiple sizes for equipment adaptability.

Best-in-class manufacturing and design from Hammersmith makes the FLEXX-RIGHT the most flexible and safe choice for oil and gas pipeline and utility contractors. Excavate and locate safely and with ease. Increase your performance, expand your versatility, and make your operation safer and more productive. 913.338.0754, www.flexxright.com

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