Pipe & Cable Locating Equipment: Radiodetection

The RD8000 and RD7000 are ergonomically designed delivering a light weight, energy efficient and exceptionally well balanced tool.

The receiver and transmitter feature a large, high contrast, backlit LCD screen that provides the user with clear information in any light conditions. The intuitive and responsive interface is designed so the operator can access any feature with ease.

The RD8000 and RD7000 are Centros Enabled for accuracy and repeatability of measurements and delivery of timely responsiveness in the field. All products feature eCAL that allows the operator to validate the original factory calibration. The RD8000 features iLOC, an advanced Bluetooth link between the RD8000 locator and transmitter that is designed to save the operator time and effort.

The RD8000 also features SurveyCERT to give the operator the tools to pass survey information to third-party applications for audit, analysis and reporting on a PC or PDA. 626.796.6637, www.radiodetection.com

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