Thompson Pump & Mfg. Vacuum-Assisted Solids Pump

Thompson Pump’s 6-inch, vacuum-assisted solids handling pump, the 6V, boasts a 3-inch solids handling capacity, and is versatile enough to handle sewage bypass pumping and general construction dewatering.

The 6V is capable of flows up to 1,500 gpm and heads up to 102 feet. The unit contains an innovative cooling system that allows the pump to run completely dry without damage. Utilizing Thompson’s Super Suction vacuum system, the 6V provides the fastest priming in the portable pump dewatering industry all while preventing discharge of pumping effluent onto the ground. This system eliminates the need for a waste hose and the pump housing does not have to fill with water to obtain original prime at start-up. 800.767.7310,

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