Skid-Steer Loader Attachments: Caterpillar

Caterpillar Backhoes are ideal for demolishing concrete when paired with Caterpillar H45/H50/H63 hammers.

In-cab operation increases productivity by reducing the amount of time required to reposition compared to traditional skid steer loader backhoes, allowing for faster cycle times than competitive units. The compact package of the machine and backhoe allows the operator to maneuver more easily in confined areas and leaves more trailer space for other Cat Work Tools. Operators can dig, excavate, side-shift, and even reposition the machine and backhoe without ever leaving the seat. The BH150 is 26 inches from left to right for maximum visibility. The BH160 provides 35 inches of side-shift from left to right. Side-shift provides the ability to dig close to walls, exposing brick ledges, backfilling and widening trenches. Optional auxiliary hydraulic lines provide auxiliary flow to the end of the stick to operate 303 Mini Hydraulic Excavator hammers, augers, ditch cleaning buckets, thumbs, and vibratory plate compactors. 309.675.1000,

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